Website surveys - how to setup and install the SightMill tracking code

Website surveys - how to setup and install the SightMill tracking code

The SightMill tracking code needs to be installed within your site in order to start displaying surveys on your website. Adding this tracking code is similar to adding the Google Analytics code and normally takes just a minute or two. Each Project has its own unique tracking code to install. 

You can find the the tracking code within your Project Settings (access settings by clicking on the blue button with the spanner icon on the far right of the Project row). Click on the How To Install menu to view the tracking code.

Install the tracking code on your website

There are three ways to add the code to your website:

Manually installing the code
If you edit your own website's HTML, copy the tracking code from the SightMill Project How to Install menu and then paste this code into the header section of your website, just before the </head> line. To display a survey on just one page, paste the code into a specific page; to display a survey - especially tab surveys - on all pages, we recommend adding the code into your site's template 

Using Google Tag Manager
If you use Google Tag Manager you can add the code to your site or a specific page directly from Google Tag Manager dashboard

Using WordPress
If you use WordPress, use our WordPress NPS plugin. In WordPress, click 'Add New' within the Plugin menu and search for the official SightMill plugin. You can then follow the instructions to add the code into specific pages.

Alternatively, you can paste the tracking code into your theme's header (if you are using a commercial template, there is often a section for Google Analytics or other header code where you can paste in the code).

if you want to display the survey on just a single page or post, it's easiest to use our plugin that lets you select which pages should display the survey, but you can also use free plugins such as CodeEmbed.

Test the tracking code

Test the tracking code is working correctly; in SightMill, select the How to Install menu and enter the page's URL into the test box on the right hand side.

That's it - you can now configure the text, color and display options from your SightMill dashboard, as well as when and how often the surveys are displayed.

Top tip:
If you don't see a survey after installing the tracking code, make sure your sampling settings are correctly setup.