Why should I use integrations?

Why should I use integrations?

Two reasons: to improve communications and to improve your data and so your understanding of your customers

Let's take a couple of typical examples:

Q. You want to make sure your teams hear about customer comments in real-time - but only the comments for their department
A. Use our rules to send out an email based on key words in the verbatims. If you teams use Slack, integrate SightMill directly with Slack and post the verbatims to a #-channel in real time.
Q. You want to post customer comments directly into your CRM system so the customer service team can call customers.
A. Use the Zapier integration to link SightMill to your CRM (for example, Salesforce or Zoho). Link SightMill to Zapier and then Zapier to your CRM. You can now post all, or selected, verbatims directly into your CRM.

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