Does NPS have a follow-up question?

Does NPS have a follow-up question?

Yes, normally there is. Net Promoter Score surveys are normally made up of two questions.

Question 1:
The first question is a version of the standard 'How likely are you to recommend our company to your friends and colleagues'. You can send this out to your customers and employees using Email, SMS, on your Website or at Events. The responses to this first question are a score between 0-10.

Question 2:
A follow-up question is then normally displayed with the wording a version of 'Why did you give this score?' This follow-up question allows the recipient to enter a few sentences to describe why they gave you a particular score. We call this text response the 'verbatim' response.

Note: SightMill also supports multiple questions - this does reduce response rates and you can often get as much information from careful implementation of the standard NPS question and follow-up. If you'd like to use multiple questions, please contact us and we'll enable this feature on your account.

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