How to use webhooks to trigger SightMill to send an email survey

How to use webhooks to trigger SightMill to send an email survey

You can link your CRM or application directly to SightMill so that an email survey is sent by SightMill when triggered directly from your application.

This is a great way to send an email survey after, for example, a customer service call or when a new user has registered.

The best way to set this up is to use SightMill's incoming webhooks API. This is a simple service that is perfect for event-driven actions, like a ticket being closed or a new contact being added on your CRM.

Here's how to set this integration:

1. In SightMill, open the Project settings and select Webhooks in the Integrations menu option at the bottom of the list

2. At the top of the webhooks page, you'll see your Project's unique incoming URL. Each Project has a different URL. Select and copy this URL.

3. Now switch on the webhooks feature by clicking on the toggle switch at the top of the screen and click Save at the very bottom of the settings screen. SightMill is now ready and listening for your incoming events that will trigger it to send out an email as set up in the Email Design section of this Project's settings.

4. In your CRM or application, choose the settings that let you configure your outgoing webhook. Copy and paste in the URL from step 2. (Note, this is going to vary by application).

5. You'll probably need to associate the webhook with an event - this will vary for each application.

6. Lastly, the format for the information your CRM or application sends across to SightMill needs to be in a specific format with four fields named: Email, FirstName, LastName, id. Here's the format:

{"Email":"", "FirstName":"John", "LastName":"Smith", "id":"12345"}

Three important points to note: 1. make sure you enable email surveys in the Projects/Settings/General and configure your Email Design. 2. when calling the webhook, you must include ALL the fields even if you don't populate them all. 3. Make sure you have the correct capitalisation of the field names eg 'LastName'
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