How to integrate with

How to integrate with

SightMill can integrate directly with; Zapier is a widely-used connector between systems and platforms, so allowing SightMill to link in to hundreds of third-party platforms.

If you want to integrate SightMill to another platform to exchange data, for example Trello, Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, or many other systems, then you'll find it very straightforward to setup via our integration.

What's behind the integration? SightMill uses industry-standard webhooks to integrate to Zapier.

Here's how to set up Zapier integration (as an example, we will integrate SightMill with Trello):

1. In SightMill, open the Project settings and select Setup Integrations menu option,

2. In Zapier (you can create a free account), click on 'Create New Zap' button; type in 'webhook' into the search field and choose the 'Webhooks by Zapier' as the trigger.

3. In Zapier, select 'Catch Hook' from the two options and click Save and Continue. This configures Zapier to look out for an incoming trigger from SightMill that will be delivered using webhook technology.

4. In Zapier, you can now choose to pick out just some of the data that's sent by SightMill. We want all of it, so leave this field blank and click Continue.

5. In Zapier, you'll now see a screen titled 'Test Webhooks by Zapier'. Zapier has generated a unique link that's displayed - highlight the entire URL and copy it.

6. Move to SightMill and in the Setup Integrations screen, toggle 'on' the second option Zapier. Click on the field next to the toggle switch and paste in the full URL you copied from Zapier in the previous step.

7. In Zapier, click 'Ok, I did this' button. Zapier will now wait a minute for a link from SightMill. Move back to SightMill and click on the 'Test' button. This will send a test trigger to Zapier.

8. Move to Zapier and you'll see that Zapier has accepted the test trigger and data and displays the NPS information. If this isn't displayed, make sure you've followed steps 5 and 6 and try again.

You have now integrated SightMill to Zapier. The next step is to link Zapier to Trello.

9. Move to Zapier and click on Action from the left-hand menu. Select the app you want to link to (in this case, search for Trello).

10. In Zapier, connect to Trello.

This process has a lot of steps, but each step is very simple and makes it easy to integrate SightMill with any Zapier app.
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