How to integrate with Google Analytics

How to integrate with Google Analytics

SightMill will work closely with Google Analytics (GA). SightMill can generate GA Events that can be tracked within GA and displayed on your GA dashboard and analysed against traffic patterns and trends.

The integration works through a feature called Google Custom Dimensions by generating Events. It's very simple to setup and gives you great NPS insight within your GA dashboard.

Here's how to set up Google Analytics integration:

1. In SightMill, open the Project settings and select Setup Integrations menu option,

2. Toggle 'on' the first option: Google Analytics. The 'level' setting allows you to run up to 20 different links from SightMill to Google for a website - so each Project that refers to the same website would be differentiated by setting it to a different level. For example, if you have website and had three Projects that referred to NPS for general visitors to, NPS for subscribers of a new service on and NPS for customers buying a product on, then because each links to different parts of the same website, each Project would have a different level number to differentiate it.

3. SightMill will generate an Event every time a visitor completes an NPS survey. The Event structure is:

          Event Category: Sightmill

          Event Action: the score from 0-10

          Event Label: one of Promoter/Passive/Detractor

          Example: Category: Sightmill / Action: 8 / Label: Passive

In Google Analytics, you can total these Events so you can, for example, track the number of Promoters per day.
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