How do I use workflows?

How do I use workflows?

The workflow feature lets you create rules that will send information about a customer's feedback and comments to a team member or another system; SightMill can send the information by email or can route feedback to another piece of software using one of the integrations you've setup.

You can setup different rules for promoters and detractors; you can setup rules that check for key words within the comments (the verbatims) that a customer writes.

Some common examples of workflows are:
  • create a workflow rule that sends the details of all detractors to your customer service team by email
  • create a rule that sends any feedback with the word 'price' in it to the sales team by email.
  • create a rule that posts all promoter feedback to a channel in Slack using the integration support.
  • create a rule that posts all feedback to your CRM system (eg Salesforce) by linking SightMill to Salesforce through the Zapier integration.

Here's how to create a workflow that sends any detractor feedback with the word 'price' in it to the sales team by email:
  1. Open your Project's Settings menu (click on the  button)
  2. Click on the Create Rules and Workflows menu option
  3. Build the workflow rule by selecting Detractor, Writes Feedback, enter 'price' in the keyword field, choose 'email' as the action and enter the email address (or addresses, separated by comma). 
  4. Click Create Workflow to save this new workflow

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