Does SightMill have an API?

Does SightMill have an API?

Yes, we support an API concept called webhooks. Webhooks are an industry-standard, lightweight technology used to pass data between platforms in response to events. As more and more applications use real-time information and events, webhooks are becomming increasingly popular way of linking systems.

Who else uses webhooks? It's an incredibly popular web standard that's used by, for example, Microsoft on its Dynamics 365 platform, by Salesforce for its cloud CRM platform, by Stripe for credit card processing, as a native connector for Zapier, and SightMill.

How do I use a webhook? We support incoming webhooks (that is another platform that wants to send information to SightMill) and outgoing webhooks (when SightMill sends information to another platform.

For SightMill to receive data (eg it's an incoming webhook), you'll need to connect add your unique SightMill webhooks adress to the other platforms. We provide the details in the Integrations page.

For SightMill to send data (eg it's an outgoing webhook), you'll need to copy your account's unique URL from the other software and paste this into SightMill; we provide details of how to link to another platform to send them data.

Why use webhooks? It's a simple, robust technology that's easy to setup. For example, you can link SightMill to Slack in just a couple of minutes. Or you can link Salesforce to SightMill in a few minutes.
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