Create a new survey Project - Help for SightMill Net Promoter Score software

Create a new survey Project

SightMill uses Projects to help you organise your NPS surveys (rather like a campaign in marketing).

A Project can have different delivery formats (eg it can combine email, SMS, website and event surveys), but can only have one survey for each of these formats; it also has one time zone. And a Project can have multiple users (either admin or view-only users).

For example, if you have three different products and want to send email surveys to the customers of each product, you would find it easier to create three Projects, one for each product. This lets you send out different emails to each customer group.

If you have three different offices and want to survey the teams in each office, again you would find it easier to setup three different Projects, one for each office - you can customize the text of each survey and also set the time zone for each office.

To create a new Project:
  1. In your account, click on Home (left hand menu)
  2. Click on the New Survey Project button
  3. Complete the three stage setup process:
    1. Enter a name for your new Project
    2. Select which survey types to use (email, SMS, web) - you can always change these later
    3. If you select Web surveys, enter the URL for your website
    4. Next, select your category and language
Your Project is now ready 
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