Changing settings to receive an email alert for every survey a user completes

Changing settings to receive an email alert for every survey a user completes

When you create a new Project, the default setting is that your admin email address (the email address you used to sign-up for SightMill) is sent an alert email every time someone completes a survey. You can change this to switch this option on/off:

Open the Settings page for the Project and click on the General Settings menu. The second option down 'Email Alert' defines if an email alert is sent to the admin's email address. Click this on to enable sending email alerts and off to stop alerts.

You can create custom alerts to inform different team members of new feedback by using the Create Rules and Workflows menu option. With this, you can setup automated workflows that send out an email to different team members based on keywords or on scores. For example, you can create a rule that any feedback with the word 'price' and a detractor score could be routed to your sales team. Read more about workflows.
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